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Fraktur schoolbook Abraham Hoch Page 25 and 26.Fraktur schoolbook Abraham Hoch Page exerpt.

The experiences of the early inhabitants of Canada and the drama of the War of 1812 are covered at various levels within the education system. One purpose of this website is to maintain a space where teachers can find resources and curriculum guided lessons to use in their classrooms. The records and artefacts available will allow students to view a variety of primary sources from the 1812 era, see different perspectives, and allow them to think critically about the lives of the people from this important time in our history.

Below are some lesson plans and activities available for downloading. These lessons plans relate to the Province of Ontario, grade 7 history curriculum. These lesson plans can be adapted to meet the needs of other provinces' curricula.

If you would like to contribute your own 1812 related educational materials to the project, please visit the Become a Partner page.

Lesson Plans

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Lesson plan download table
# Lesson Description RTF PDF
1 Webquest: Introduction to the War of 1812 Checkmark Checkmark
2 Canadian and American Tension Checkmark Checkmark
3 Classified Advertisement: Join the Militia Checkmark Checkmark
4 The Battle of Queenston Heights Checkmark Checkmark
5 My Historical Community: The Art of Mary Shaw Checkmark Checkmark
6 Religion and the War of 1812 Checkmark Checkmark
7 Biographical Sketch Checkmark Checkmark
8 Impact of the War of 1812 on Niagara Checkmark Checkmark
9 Who Won the War of 1812? Checkmark Checkmark
10 My Museum Exhibit: A Glimpse of 1812 Checkmark Checkmark