Interaction between business and history

The United States developed greatly during the 19th century. A lot of American culture is derived from that period. There are several features that define American history and its development during this period. Those features enrich the great American history.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was designed as a gift from French People to the Americans. It signifies the alliance between America and France during the American revolution thus serving as a symbol of unity and friendship between the two countries. Before you continue reading, take a break and enjoy some gaming from Casino online. Taking such a break will help you to relax with some online casino games and hopefully you can make some money as well. The date on the statue (July 4, 1776) is the day of the declaration of American independence.

Liberty Bell

The Statehouse Bell is a monumental figure in the US. It first rang during the first reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 8, 1776. It was cast in England for the Pennsylvania Statehouse. The bell was renamed Liberty Bell and the Statehouse was renamed Hall of Independence. The bell cracked and attempts to repair it were not successful. Consequently, no one living today has ever heard the bell ring. With the advancement in technology, the voice is modeled on a computer. It got popularized in the 1847’s fictional story ‘Ring, Grandfather, Ring’ therefore becoming a symbol of American pride.

Importance of the Monuments

For anyone interested in reshaping American history, these two monuments represent the birthplace of American freedom. The Statue of Liberty signifies American freedom from the British. The Liberty Bell signifies the freedom of anyone in the US.

How to partner

There are several ways of enriching the history of the United States. One can participate in charity by contributing directly though Visa, PayPal. Other ways include living in the American dream.